Links to inspirational modelling sites and people around the World.

Trevor Hewson, Christchurch and District Clubmate and flying inspiration. http://homepage.mac.com/trevorhewson/home/
Christchurch and District Model Flying Club.See what the rest of us get up to at www.cdmfc.org
Mike Stuart’s Model Pages - a reservoir of information about modelling. A great site. http://www.ffscale.co.uk/
RC Micro World Online Magazine. Essential reading for miniature RC enthusiasts - or even for enthusiasts of miniature RC systems! The current year’s issues are subscription-only, but last year’s and previous are free.  http://www.cloud9rc.com
RC Groups - this huge and ever-expanding forum contains gold dust..  If you can’t find what you want here, you are a VERY specialised modeller indeed - so start your own thread! www.rcgroups.com
X-Twins fantasia.  If you have never seen an X-Twin in action, or been able to realise the full potential of these ditzy little models, this is the place to go
Tom Martin Radio Control.  I just bought his Schweizer 2-32 plans. Lots and lots of glider, classic, rubber power and power plans from 120” to 17”. Tbe quality and clarity of the draughting is excellent. http://www.tmrcsailplanes.com/index.html
Ivan’s Plans. Ivan Pettigrew ( a Kiwi living near Vancouver is a master of large lightweight structures and has been the inspiration for my Catalina you see elsewhere on this site and for Trevor’s Sealand at his site above.  You can see all his plans and various video clips at http://www.geocities.com/ivansplans/

Commercial sites

Falcon Models.  The first practical plug and play ultra-small RC gear - now with lots of kits and accessories http://www.falconmodels.uk.com
Flitehook (John & Pauline Hook).  Suppliers of the finest of everything in the small modelling world and premier Depron stockists.. http://www.flitehook.net

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